Sleep, for the whole family

Sleep Coaching for families who are ready to wake up happy and well-rested

Do you dread bedtime?
Do you find your family starting each day exhausted?
Do you feel caught between leaving your baby to cry alone or waking up hourly?

Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work?
As a formerly sleep-deprived mom, one thing I know for sure... Everything seems harder when everyone is tired!!!

Fortunately, you don't have to do this ALONE!
I combine the science of sleep with a holistic approach that provides respectful and loving sleep solutions to your child's sleep challenges. I've helped countless families just like yours.

My promise to you: I'll help you achieve your sleep goals while nurturing your special bond with your little one.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and say hello to a happier, well-rested family!

hi there!

I’m Sandra Ochoa

Certified Bilingual Pediatric sleep consultant & postpartum doula pcd (dona)

Back in 2016, I was completely sleep-deprived when my twins were babies and waking up every two hours. I’ve been through those challenging moments, where all I wanted was to be the best mom to my babies, but I was constantly struggling with exhaustion. I craved quality time with my kids, yet it seemed like there was never enough time for myself. Lack of sleep had a tremendous impact on my well-being, but at the same time, the cry-it-out method didn’t sound like a good fit for me.

My “aha”! moment

There had to be a better solution!  A midpoint where the entire family could wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.  That was how my journey as a Holistic Sleep Consultant started in 2017.

I’m very passionate about helping tired families with sleep solutions that truly work.

My mission is to ensure both, your baby and the entire family get the rest you need to thrive as new parents.

A better sleep is possible with loving solutions...

Newborn Sleep

0-5 months

Baby & Child Sleep

6M - 6Y

Maternity Sleep


My experience with Sandra was completely amazing. She was truly an amazing support system, coach and partner through the journey to get my baby to sleep better. She was always responsive, helpful and encouraging and really helped change my son’s sleep patterns to get him on track. I cannot recommend her enough!!

Kate Rowe, NJ

What our clients are saying...


We couldn't be happier for choosing Sandra!

She was our guide in this complex task of getting our baby to have good sleep habits. Thanks to her we could achieve remarkable changes in his naps. He went from taking 20 minutes to 1 (or 1.5) hour naps within a couple of days! She gave us the tools to make the adjustments in his routine and achieve our goals.

Claudia C.

You came in the moment that I needed the most.

Sandra, thank you so much for your help. You came in the moment that I needed the most. After applying all the advices that you gave to me, both of my kids are happier and sleeping much better. I love that your method doesn’t involve tears (I can’t do CIO). Also, thank you so much for listening to me. I really needed to talk to somebody who really understands how a woman feels after giving birth

Katherine Luna

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