Transform your nights from restless to restful in less than three weeks...

…with my guidance and your determination!!!

Together, we’ll set up goals and work towards getting all the essential pieces in place to achieve 11-12 hour nighttime sleep for your child and your whole family.

This program is for you if:

  • You’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning… wondering how you’ll survive another day at work or where you’ll get the energy to play with your baby and be that patient and loving mom you dream of being.
  • You just can’t catch a break. There is not time to do what you love to do… the day depends on how many hours you’ll spend rocking and nursing your baby to sleep and waiting for that miracle that will help your baby nap for at least 45 minutes.

  • Struggling with bedtime? You know what time it starts but not sure what time it’ll end; nighttime gives you anxiety- You’ll be awake at least 3 times soothing your crying baby and be tempted to move your little one in your bed as the only way to have a decent night sleep

  • Feeling worried....that your child seems cranky and tired at all times…

You have tried everything...

 You’ve followed all the tips and tricks from your local Facebook Moms Group and read all the sleep books that promise 12 hours of interrupted sleep. Don’t talk about trying all out there from sleep sacks to black curtains, sample schedules, and nope! 

Nothing seems to work!

And you’re hopeless! The idea of “cry it out” method doesn’t seem like a good fit for you.

Sandra Ochoa, Bilingual Pediatric Sleep Consultant & Postpartum Specialist

I'm here to help!

Are you ready to improve your family’s sleep experience with a positive and stress-free approach?

As a former sleep-deprived mom, I understand the exhaustion you must feel. 


That’s why I provide a step-by-step plan with manageable tasks to complete every week, enabling families to start seeing progress right away.


You’ll gain the motivation and tools needed to achieve your sleep goals.


Together, we’ll establish weekly objectives to conquer naps, establish a joyful bedtime routine, and address nighttime wakings, ensuring the smoothest and most successful process possible.

John and Sarah
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When we reached out to Sandra, our 7-month-old baby relied on being held for every nap and nursed to sleep multiple times each night. Exhausted and unsure of what steps to take, we were understandably hesitant. I, in particular, had reservations about how we could improve our baby's sleep without resorting to cry-it-out methods, especially considering my partner's preference to continue night feeding. To kick off our journey to better sleep, Sandra provided us with a comprehensive intake form, then she created a personalized plan tailored to our family's needs. She emphasized the importance of both of us being fully committed and actively involved in the process. What we love about working with Sandra is that we approached the plan in manageable segments, starting with bedtime routines before gradually addressing nap times. Once our baby had established solid sleep foundations, we tackled nighttime wakings, ensuring to accommodate my wife's desire to maintain one night feeding. Through consistent implementation of the plan, our baby began to fall asleep independently. By the end of the program, we successfully transitioned him from three naps to two, making the entire process smoother and more manageable for our family.

You don't have to do this alone...

I'm 100% committed to supporting your family through a variety of sleep challenges.

Frequent night wakings

Naps are difficult or non-existent

Naps or room transitions 

You nurse, rock or walk your child to sleep and want to introduce another soothing technique

Early Rising

Co-sleeping or bed-sharing is no longer working for your family

Bedtime battles

You are ready to night wean or get rid of some night feedings

All of the above…

Better Sleep

Our sleep packages

are ideal for you if you're ready to get

Daily Support 🫂

I’ll be by your side EVERY DAY to remind you WHY you’re doing this and HOW you get your nights back. Much needed if you’re a tired parent with no energy! 

Better Sleep 😴

You dream of having a happy and well-rested family, without compromising your relationship with your child.

Your nights back 💁🏻‍♀️

You want to have time for yourself or to spend more time with your loved ones, knowing that your baby is sleeping peacefully. 

Sandra has been amazing in helping us navigate as first time parents. She helped us creating a routine for our 5 months old baby. I would use Happynest again and I would recommend it to any parent who is in need of a good night’s sleep.

Luana C

Baby & Child Sleep Packages 6M-6Y

  • 30 minute Online Consultation
  • A full sleep assessment
  • 60 minute Online Consultation
  • Written Meeting Recap
  • 1 Follow-up email
  • A full sleep assessment
  • 60 minute Online Consultation
  • Customized Holistic Sleep Plan
  • Three (30 min) Follow-up Calls
  • 8 Follow-up emails or text support
  • Sleep log feedback

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If your baby is under 3 years old and your goal is to have them sleep through the night or reduce nighttime wakings. I strongly recommend using a crib or a pack and play. Babies in this age group are still in the process of grasping imaginary boundaries, which means they might find it challenging to stay in their own bed. A crib or pack and play offers a secure and cozy space for your baby, helping them on their journey to better sleep.


If you practice co-sleeping

If co-sleeping is a part of your family’s sleeping arrangement (sharing a bed with your baby on the floor), it’s important to understand that achieving uninterrupted sleep may take a bit longer. However, I want to assure you that families I’ve supported have experienced significant improvements in their children’s sleep patterns by following my guidance and support.


If Your baby sleeps in a Montessori Bed|Mattress on the Floor

If you’ve chosen a Montessori bed for your baby, the path to better sleep may also require a bit more patience, especially if your baby frequently gets out of bed. I have full confidence that I can provide you with effective tools to establish healthy bedtime boundaries, helping you achieve your sleep goals.

Ideally, it’s best to choose a time to implement the sleep plan that does not coincide with any special events, vacations, family or friend visits, etc., so that you can follow my suggestions closely.

Additionally, I will recommend the following as essentials: a sleep sack, a white noise machine, and ensuring that the room where your baby sleeps is dark enough.

That being said, during the time we work together, and as I get to know your family and your needs, I might recommend apps or products that can benefit your entire family.

In addition to equipping you with all the tools to optimize your baby’s sleep, I take the time to truly understand the true reason for your child’s sleep challenge. 


By recognizing that a baby’s sleep can be influenced by several factors -including environmental, social, emotional, and physical factors, -and understanding that each child and family is unique… I provide personalized and respectful solutions that promote better sleep for your baby and the entire family.


During my 21-day program, you’ll benefit from my expertise and unwavering support. I’ll guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your journey towards better sleep is not only effective but also enjoyable.

You’ll learn how to support your child and how to respond to their needs from a place of love and connection.

Your family’s well-being and restful nights are my top priorities, and I’m committed to making a real difference in your lives

What our well-rested clients are saying


My baby started sleeping through the night!

I contacted Sandra to help me with my 6 month old baby. She was very engaged throughout the entire process. Sandra helped us developing a sleep routine that suited our family. Within a few nights we noticed an improvement in his sleeping and a few weeks later my son started sleeping through the night. We are grateful for her time and help.
She is very sweet and keep calling me and checking on me until today.

Ioana Munteanu

My baby went from taking 20 min to 1.5 hour naps!

We couldn’t be happier for choosing Sandra to be our guide in this complex task of getting our baby to have good sleep habits. Thanks to her we could understand our son’s sleeping cycle and achieve remarkable changes in his naps. She gave us the tools to make the adjustments necessary in his routine and achieve the desired improvements.

Claudia Carbonell

Your journey to better sleep

  • You will complete a comprehensive intake form for your child which will provide us valuable information to help you achieve your family’s sleep goals. 

  • Welcome Package: We’ll get you ready to succeed. We’ll work on your mentality and how to keep you motivated during the implementation of the program.

  • We will conduct a 60 minute consultation, to review the questionnaire and explore solutions that are aligned with your parenting style and sleep goals. It’s also the perfect time to provide sleep education on how to improve your child’s naps and nighttime, appropriate-age sleep schedule and empower you to make the changes you need to get your family sleep AGAIN.

  • We know how tired you’re. We will prepare a step-by-step sleep plan specifically tailored for your family’s needs and goals. 

  • You’re not alone.  If you choose one of our standard or premium packages, we will be ready to be by your side, checking your progress, guiding you, motivating you and giving you that little push you need to achieve your goals. 

  • Celebration time. You’re all set to have more time for yourself while your child sleeps peacefully.
  • Guarantee. Not happy with your results? Contact us! We’re obsessed with well-rested clients. 

Are you ready for better sleep?

Let’s connect!


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